Helping Fuel America’s Fastest Growing Church.

Client: Crossroads
Industry: Ministry / Non-Profit
Size: 30,000 weekly attendees


Crossroads, one of the largest and fastest growing churches in America, partnered with us to transform their paper-based curriculum into an interactive, immersive, game-like experience. The result: The Brave Journey, an experiential-learning application that guides individuals and small groups through a learning and discovery journey. In the Fall of 2015, the app platform was updated to help facilitate a campaign that raised over $85 million in financial commitments that are now helping fuel the church’s most important causes, all around the world.


Crossroads is one the of largest and fastest growing churches in America, with about 20,000 regular weekly attendees. Staying true to their core value of “culturally current communication,” they’re always looking for new ways to bring their timeless message to a modern audience. (To get a feel for how they do this, check out their annual event, The Super Bowl of Preaching).

The Opportunity

Every year, Crossroads takes their congregation through a 6-week “journey” - a church-wide educational curriculum created to help people experience spiritual growth. In the past, they’ve printed paper booklets for each attendee. In an effort to increase church engagement, Crossroads partnered with Differential to transform their paper-based curriculum into a more interactive, immersive digital tool that could be utilized to help individuals explore big topics, and also to help facilitate engaging small group experiences.

The Work

Teamwork makes the dream work; the strong collaborative effort between Crossroads and Differential is what made this project so successful. The Crossroads team prepared a curriculum for the app, and identified best practices from previous years’ journeys. These insights were then transformed into even more engaging software features. Together, we built an experiential-learning application that guides individuals and small groups through a learning and discovery journey. The app uses multi-media strategies (personal quizzes, video, audio, open ended Q&A, and “gamified” small group interactions) to help facilitate and increase engagement within the curriculum and with other people in the community.

We used a powerful combination of modern development frameworks to build one application that works across all the top platforms (iOS, Android and Desktop). Essentially, it was like building three apps in one - which yielded significant time and cost-savings.

Jonathan Smith—Organizational Strategist, Crossroads “We are very, very thankful for Differential. We run hard and fast around here, and Differential’s pace of work and thinking is perfect for that. We’ve loved everything they’ve built for us, and our entire community is far better off as a result of their involvement.”
– Jonathan Smith—Organizational Strategist, Crossroads

The Results

In the first week of the app’s launch, over 20,000 users signed-up. In addition to significant increases in user engagement, the Crossroads team is finally now able to anonymously analyze important user behavior data, which they believe will lead to powerful insights for how to further improve and enhance future programs. This was never possible with the paper-based versions of the journey.

During Fall of 2015, the journey application was used to help facilitate a campaign that raised $85+ Million in individual giving to help fuel the work of the church. This money went to expand Crossroads’ physical sites, build digital infrastructure to reach more church members through online streaming services, free and rehabilitate victims of sex slavery in India, help feed and support orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa, and so much more. We’re thrilled we could help!

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